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On January 23rd, 2014, I received a bid for a sorority and the following night I pledged Pi Beta Phi.

Throughout my life so far, I would have never imagined myself as being a sorority girl. It was in an act of craziness that I emailed asking for information and it is an act of craziness I will never forget.

In just over a month my life has changed entirely. I have a whole new vocabulary (golden arrow, pin attire, ritual, chapter, Big/Little, Twin, New Member, pledge, etc.) that no one I talk to even understands. In just over a month I have begun friendships that will last me not just for the next three years but for the rest of my life.

I received a Big and a Twin this past Sunday and it feels like we have known each other forever. We are the perfect little family and I am so excited that I will be able to share this experience with them.

My life has been thrown upside down and I invite you to join along. 


Favourite Colour (#MoMoMod January Fashion Challenge Day 10)


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Wet Seal White, Red, Black Sweater Vest / Red Ruffle Henley from Old Navy / Seatbelt Belt from ? / not shown: Old Navy Rockstar Skinny Jeans

After taking two days off of the MoMoMod Fashion Challenge (Day 8 was Black Skirt and Day 9 was Tights) because it was just too cold for those pieces, I wore this for my ride back to my hometown. I spent the weekend filled with lots of events for my parents who are moving to another country in the next few days, but I will talk more about what we did in the next two outfit posts.

One of my favourite colours is red. For a year or so, I wore red almost everyday since most of my favourite pieces at that time were red. Since then I have definitely branched out in colour schemes and have included more purple, navy, and coral into my wardrobe. Even with more colour variety in my wardrobe, red is still my go-to colour for the winter because it fits almost every winter holiday while still being bright and cheerful.

Throw Back Thursday: #StyleMeOctober Round-Up 1 (Outfit 1 to 9)


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Back in October, I participated in Dean Streets Society’s #StyleMeOctober Fashion Challenge. I posted the first half of the photos here on the blog but then fell behind in posting the outfit photos and never posted the second half. I figured that since I am taking a lot of days off of the current challenge, that I would fill in a round-up post from my last challenge!

Day 1: My Style Icon


Day 2: Perfectly Parisian


Day 3: Yellows + Greens


Day 4: Nautical Preppy Stripes


Day 5: All Black Like a Spy


Day 6: Bold Kissable Lips


Day 7: Layered Jewelry


Day 8: Polka Dots + Animal Spots


Day 9: A Steal of a Deal



Teal (MoMoMod January Fashion Challenge Day #7)


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Brown and teal shirt by Burton / Teal Rockstar Skinny Jeans from Old Navy

Record lows of -25 degrees Celsius reached both my hometown and my school’s town and this is what I wore to face the cold weather to wait for the bus. What you do not see here are many extra layers – lululemon Wunder Unders, two pairs of socks, a tank top, and a long sleeved shirt – that were still not enough to fend off the cold. Luckily, my roommate was able to drive me back so I only had to face the wait for the bus once.

I don’t know how I feel about this outfit – it works great in theory as it is laid out here but the flannel is more of a tunic length and is very overwhelming on my frame. I want to try it out in a few more outfits and hopefully be able to get some more use out of it before I pass it on to another home.

Monday’s Best (MoMoMod January Fashion Challenge Day #6)


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Coral Blouse from dynamite / White Tank Top from Suzy Shier / Skinny Jeans from Express / Steve Madden Boots / Gold Pendant Necklace from Forever 21

Because the sixth was spent relaxing in my pajamas, I postponed the “wardrobe prompt” for that day for the seventh instead (the seventh’s prompt was maxi skirt which I do not own one). I wore this outfit for my first day back at school for Winter semester.

 On Monday last week, my area was hit with quite the snowstorm and record breaking cold weather. In my hometown most schools were closed and even Mr. BMW got to stay home from night school. My school remained open.

This outfit was definitely not warm enough for the very cold weather but it is definitely one that I hope to repeat when the wear warms up. The coral blouse was the perfect colour to brighten up a chilly day!

Favourite Print (MoMoMod January Fashion Challenge Day #4)


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Maroon and Navy Striped Tee from Smart Set / The Rockstar Super Skinny Jeans from Old Navy / Steve Madden Cognac Boots / Music “Boyfriend/Girlfriend” Necklace from Mr. BMW last Christmas

Based on the quality of these photographs, I either need to practice more with how I aesthetically placed my clothing for pictures or I need to find a better way of taking my pictures other than bringing my full length mirror out into the hallway when everyone else is sleeping or busy doing other things.

Also, I really need to put the camera to use that Mr. BMW bought me in October for our anniversary. The problem is I like the easy of using a camera, especially for Instagram Challenges like this one from More Modern Modesty. And since I intend to participate in several challenges like these throughout the year (they really help me to get the most out of pieces in my closet that rarely get worn AND ensure I get some sort of outfit picture together), I might want to invest in a tripod and make an area in my room that I will consistently keep clean for photos.

I really prefer to see the pictures of the clothing on myself because I get a better idea of how the proportions looked on my body and whether or not they were a great outfit. It will definitely something that I will keep experimenting with.

Coat (More Modern Modesty January Wardrobe Fashion Challenge Day #3)


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Old Navy Black Peacoat / H&M Grey Shawl Cardigan / Old Navy White Peasant Blouse / Burgundy Faux Leather Trim Pants from Sirens / Ray Ban Prescription Glasses

A black trench coat or pea coat has been on my wishlist for several years. I had a handme down one from my older sister that I wore a few times but it was not as fitted as I would like it to be.

I picked up this black coat from Old Navy during their Boxing Week sale and I love it! The only flaw is that it picks up hair like crazy and when you live in a house with three dogs and five cats that is not the best idea. But as long as I hang this up before any of the animals have a chance to lay down on it, I should be fine. Also, I should probably keep a lint brush handy.

The outfit I wore under the coat was fairly simple – coloured pants white shirt, and a blouse. These burgundy pants were purchased in the summer as an experiment to see if I would wear them often and I wear them about every other week. I think it is about time to invest in a replacement pair in a better quality fabric. Also, I love the concept of the H&M shawl cardigan but find that it looks awkward on me whenever I wear it – I plan to look for a better fitting alternative next winter.

Reading Lately: Mark of the Demon (Kara Gillian Book 1) by Diana Rowland


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Cover art image via

Title + Author: Mark of the Demon (Kara Gillian Book 1) by Diana Rowland

Date read/listened to: December 26, 2013 to January 3, 2014

Category: Paranormal Romance

Enjoyment Rating: 5/5

MPAA Rating: R (for sexuality and violence)

Cover Art Rating: 4/5

Reason for reading/listening: This was Audible’s Daily Deal for December 26, 2013 and was on for only $4.95 (regular price $24.95). I read the description of the book and listened to an audio sample and liked the sound of the book.

Would I reread or relisten to this book?: Definitely!

Will I continue on with this series?: I really enjoyed this book but will wait to see if any deals become available on Audible for Blood of the Demon (Book 2).


Sometimes when I cannot sleep at night, I listen to audiobooks rather than watching Netflix in order to help myself fall asleep. I had started listening to Mark of the Demon a day or two prior but quickly listened to at least two hours of the book that night. The following day I listened to everything but the last hour and a half. I would have finished the same day if I have not thought that it was best to pace myself a little more.

This is definitely my top paranormal romance book that I have read/listened to so far. It combines my love of investigation-style shows with paranormal aspects. I really liked that rather than stick to the now cliché use of vampires or werewolves, that the story focuses instead on a demon summoner. I also enjoyed that “romance” was an element without the book feeling like erotica but felt the novel would stand on its out without them.

My favourite character was Rhyzkahl because I found him to be very mysterious while still being deadly. I did not find myself loving the protagonist Kara but I did not hate her either. She would be someone that I would like to be friends with with real life – I enjoyed that she could hold her own but felt that she was far to inexperienced to be the lead on a murder investigation.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and look forward to reading or listening to the rest of the books in the series. What books have you been reading lately?

Scarf (More Modern Modesty January Wardrobe Challenge Day #2)


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Eggplant Dolman Sleeve Tee Aeropostale / Black Camisole from Garage / The Rockstar Super Skinny Jeans from Old Navy / Grey Flat Ankle Boots from Payless / Black, White, & Purple Scarf from dynamite / Rayban glasses

On the second day of 2014, I got into my first car accident driving home from the mall after picking up my new glasses. It was probably the scariest experiences I have ever had. Luckily, no one was hurt and there is only minimal damages to both cars but my insurance rates are definitely going to increase (it was entirely my fault combined with the poor weather and road conditions).

Scary experience aside, I have realized how thankful I am to have caring and loving parents and a boyfriend who are willing to help me no matter what. My mother and stepfather went with me to the reporting station and were very understanding. Mr. BMW helped me to relax and calm down later on by distracting me with hours or Netflix and ensuring me that the damage is not as bad as it looks.

I am also thankful for the emergency response teams in my hometown, who were called only as a precaution. They were very understanding, helped me to calm down, and came within a few minutes of being calm. I am also thankful that the person I collided with was very understanding and above all I am thankful that the only things that were hurt were two cars and my driving record.

May this be a reminder to myself and other drivers to be extra cautious out on those snowy roads this winter!

Sparkle (More Modern Modesty January Wardrobe Challenge Day #1)


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Chambray Button Up from Winners / Black Sequin Tank from Old Navy / The Rockstar Super Skinny Pants in Black from Old Navy

Hello 2014! I started 2014 right into my resolution to participate in 3 fashion challenges with More Modern Modesty‘s January Modest Fashion Challenge.

The challenge simply gives a prompt every day around which to build an outfit. I lack the pieces to complete some of the prompts so I will either use those days as a catch-up day or as a free day.  My only rule for myself for this challenge is to explore dressing more modestly while still having fun with my wardrobe.

For day one I choose the only sparkly piece that I had brought with me over Winter Break. Because the shirt is fairly low cut, I added on my chambray button up top that needs to be worn more often. To not clash with the chambray top, I chose my brand new The Rockstar Super Skinny Black Pants. Not shown is my black seatbelt belt and the pair of flat gray ankle boots I wore.