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Wishlist Wednesday

1. Zane Riding Boot by BRASH from Payless

Last year I bought a pair of black, pleather mid-calf boots that I wore to death. This year I would love to replace my pair of brown faux suede boots with a sturdy pair of faux leather cognac boots. This has been on my wish list for almost a year. I hope for budget sakes that I can hold out on a pair of these for cooler weather – so I can get plenty of use out of my flat collection AND so I can wait for a good sale.

2. Short Sleeved Plain White Tee from H&M

Everyone needs a good quality plain white tee to serve as an outfit base for more elaborate or colourful pieces. I donated my last plain white tee because the cut of the shirt was too ill fitting so now I am looking for a new one to mix and match in back to school looks. It is almost impossible to find a non see-through white shirt and I hope this one from H&M has a bit of “substance” to it because I hate layering tank tops under tight fitting tees. But at $6.95 you can not beat that price.

3. Native Print Inspired Open Cardigan such as this one from Couture Candy

I have always loved the look of a Native inspired open cardigan and want to add one to my closet. In the past I was concerned with spending over $50 on a single sweater and I never finding cheaper alternatives. I have decided that if I do find a cardigan that a) works with the colours in my fall wardrobe, b) is good quality, and c) within my budget, then I will dish out the money for it if it is reasonably expensive.