Packing for my upcoming move has definitely been very eye opening. I was astonished when I packed a box full of my beauty products at exactly how much excess I own. I have more then one year worth of body wash and body lotions and a decade worth of body sprays and perfume.

How did I accumulate such a stockpile of beauty stuff? Most of these were either holiday or birthday gifts OR were purchased during a Bath and Body Work’s ‘Buy Two Get One Free’ deal. Also, while I do use body wash everyday, I am not one to use lotions consistently or to spray body sprays more then once in a day.

So what is my plan? Many beauty gurus on Youtube start a Project 10 Pan whenever they find that they are purchasing more makeup then they are using up. I feel I have a very good grip on my makeup collection and have been actively working to use up makeup before purchasing more. Instead, I am going to embark on Project 10 Bottle.


1. I must use up at least 10 bottles of body wash, hand and body lotion, and body wash BEFORE I am allowed to purchase anything new in these categories.

2. I am not allowed to ask for body wash, hand and body lotion, or body spray for Christmas or any other gift-giving day until my 10 bottles are used up.

3. I am to provide a miniature review on this blog for products that are still available for purchase.

I will give updates on my progress as I use products up. I expect that most of the products used up will be body washes as they are the only product that I consistently use everyday. I am hoping to at least finish one of the above body sprays or perfumes.