If you knew me in real life, you would know that when it comes to money I have two major problems: 1. Fast Food and 2. Fashion. After fixed and emergency expenses like insurance, car maintenance, school tuition, and rent, my largest expense is maintaining my wardrobe.

During my preparation for my upcoming moving, I have purged 125+ items of clothing and accessories from my extremely large wardrobe collection. That number does not even make a small dent in how much clothing sits in my closet and goes unworn.

With that in mind, I decided to create a strict but reasonable budget to spend on clothing and accessories for the rest of 2013.

BUDGET: $500 + tax for the rest of 2013


  1. Finding good quality, remixable basics and classics augmented by versatile trendy pieces.
  2. Finding stylish accessories and footwear that purvey my style persona.
  3. Maximizing my budget by buying during sales, using discount cards, or using cash back services to save the most money.
  4. Finding a good mix between comfortable, class friendly looks and dressier party or date night looks.

I will keep myself accountable by posting my purchases on this blog at least once a month in order to maintain accountability.

Each month will not have a consistent $100 budget as I will be buying clothes for back to school during August and early September and am hoping to take advantage of the Holiday Season deals in December.

AUGUST 2013 SO FAR: $79.30

  1. Striped long sleeve sweater $12.71 from Urban Planet (10% of using SPC card)
  2. Grey Opened Front Knit Cardigan $28.19 from H&M
  3. American Eagle Red Knit Sweater $19.20 from Winners
  4. American Eagle Tan Knit Sweater $19.20 from Winners

Pictures of August purchases will be posted at the end of August when I recap my purchases thus far because they are currently packed away for my move this Friday-Saturday.

 TOTAL BUDGET: $565 ($500 + 13% HST)

TOTAL BUDGET REMAINING: $565 – $79.30 = $485.70