Wishlist Wednesday 2

1. lululemon Wunder Under Pant

I find that it is very difficult to find good quality, sturdy, and thick leggings. Most stores that I go to sell leggings that are thin and transparent or only last a handful of trips through the washing machine. I have a pair of lululemon yoga pants that I have had for almost five years and they are in better condition then the yoga pants I bought from Victoria Secret’s PINK store at the beginning of the year. Ideally, I would love to find a pair of comparable pair of leggings to the Wunder Under Pant at a much more affordable price.

2. Hunter Black Rain Boot

The townhouse that I am renting is a 15 minute walk from campus which is a long way to walk in the rain. My last two years in residence meant I only had a short one minute walk from my room to school which meant that I could throw on a pair of slightly waterproof shoes and be fine. Fall and spring in my area can be especially rainy so a pair of classic and sturdy rain boots can be necessary.

3. Black Trench Coat

Nothing beats a classic, black or tan trench coat for both casual and dressier events. I have a red trench coat that I bought at Stitches for $25 a few years ago that still gets a lot of wear. But sometimes red does not go with everything I want to wear it with. I have been looking for the perfect black trench coat for years but can never find anything within my price range.