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Wishlist Wednesday 3

I used to rarely shop at H&M because it was located at a mall that I rarely went to because it did not have a movie theatre (I mainly do my clothes shopping during the hour before a movie starts). Now that I have moved into my townhouse, I am almost literally right behind a mall – which is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS for my wallet and my current $500 budget. Hopefully this will allow me to shop more frequently at stores I rarely purchase from and allow me to wait for the sales on pieces I love.

Without further ado, here are three pieces I would love to try on and maybe purchase from H&M:


1. Khaki Green Skinny Low Rise Jeans

In late June/early July I purchased a pair of burgundy skinny trousers from for only $28 from Sirens. While the quality of those pants is not ideal and they probably will have to be replaced by next fall, they were a style changer for me. I love the look of coloured bottoms but I feel that the darker, more subdued colours would look best on me.

The above khaki green jeans are in a classic, almost neutral colour that satisfy the resurgence of the military trend without being over the top. If I do choose to buy these jeans, I know that I already have many pieces in my closet that will work perfectly with these jeans!


2. Burgundy Straight Sweatshirt

I have never been a big fan of sweatshirts – I find that they are too casual for my personal style. But recently, I tried on a similar shirt at Giant Tiger that I loved the feel of – it was the perfect thickness for the chilly day of early fall while still being warm enough for winter. I left the store without it because the only one in my size had a small hole in it.

When browsing H&M online, I saw the above sweatshirt and it looks even better on the model than the Giant Tiger version did on me. I love the slightly oversized feel and that the top is shown off the shoulders on her. The model’s outfit is simple and looks perfect for an early morning class for the cooler month or for lounging around at home.


3. Grey Ballet Pumps

I was hesitant to add a pair of shoes to this list because I have such a large collection of ballet flats already. However, I wear a lot of outfits where grey flats would serve better than black flats would. I have a pair of grey ankle boots that I love to wear when the wear cools down and I feel that flats would be a great substitute in warmer weather.

The bonus is that the above flats are only $14.95 and they come in half sizes.

– – – – – – – –

It is likely that I will be trying the above purchases on in-store within the next few weeks – but will I buy them? Who knows! Are any of the above must haves – no but they are nice pieces that will definitely updated my wardrobe.

How about you, what are your favourite finds at H&M for the fall season?