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08.23.13 Full

Green Floral Tank Top: Walmart // Yellow Bandeau: Boathouse // Red Braided Belt: Forever 21 // Bermuda Shorts: Bluenotes // Claire Scrunch Flats: Payless

08.23.13 details 08.23.13 shoes

When: August 24, 2013

Where: running errands and to see Meet the Millers in theater with Mr. BMW

Style Notes:

I had to wake up early on Friday for an optometrist appointment so I chose a no fuss outfit with shorts of a modest length – one of my go to outfits this year.

I bought this tank top at Walmart at the beginning of the summer in four different version (two in this floral pattern and two in an Aztec-inspired pattern) all slightly over-sized. In retrospect, I should have bought the tank top at my normal size because it requires wearing a bandeau and a belt to cinch in the waist. I would not mind this if it did not mean I would spend every fifteen minutes adjusting my bandeau so that it would stay up.

Meet the Millers is an enjoyable comedy that I would definitely recommend seeing. There were several times when both I, Mr. BMW, and most of the theater laughed out loud. Is it the type of movie that I would see again? Yes – but not for another year or so.