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08.24.13 outfit 1 full

That adorable kitty belongs to Mr. BMW’s neighbours and she was photobombing my outfit pictures all weekend!

08.24.13 outfit 1 shoes

When: August 24, 2013 during the day

Where: running errands and around the house

Style Notes:

Saturday was a hot day and I knew I wanted something with little to no fuss that the boyfriend would also approve of. I chose my khaki shorts that I bought at the beginning of the summer but have hardly worn, a coral crop button up that I bought in the middle of July, and an old pair of nude flats I bought at Walmart a few summers ago.

The outfit was perfect for the hot weather but definitely was a little bit outside my comfort zone as I rarely wear tops that expose the midriff. I definitely plan to re-wear this outfit again before the summer is over!