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White Striped Tee: Garage // Denim Shorts: Bluenotes // Black Brogues: Payless // Blue Colour Changing Necklace: Del Sol in Bonaire

20130830 Necklace 20130830 Shoes

When: August 30, 2013

Where: In search of the perfect denim vest

Style Notes:

I am finding it difficult to take good quality photos by myself for outfit posts. I am currently using my smartphone’s camera to take my photos and am not willing to splurge on buying a proper camera (especially on my tight student budget). My bedroom also has extremely poor lighting and I only have a fairly skinny full length mirror to use. Of course my best photographs are taken by Mr. BMW but he lives an hour away and we only visit each other on weekends.

When I took this photo, my resulting decision was to take a photograph in the Old Navy change room while I was shopping for a denim vest that I saw online. They were sold out of my sizes and I did not like anything else in the store – so I left empty handed. I am finding it extremely difficult to find dark, plain denim vests – all other stores I check have light washed vests or vests covered in studs. I will have to take up my search again in the spring.

I have also learned that I can never wear a white shirt – every time I do I manage to ruin the item. For example, this was the first time I wore this white top and I spilt tomato sauce and cola on it – both of which did not come out fully in the wash. Luckily the stain is in spots that can be easily hidden with scarves or cardigans and is not very obvious. I plan on washing it again but with some stain remover to see if it helps.