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Essential Earrings'

1. Small, Clear Crystal Studs 

These are the perfect pair of everyday earrings that can be worn with virtually any outfit – from the most casual to more glammed up events. Buy a good quality pair that will not hurt sensitive ears, especially if you plan on wearing these almost every day.

2. Gold Knot Earrings:

Any simple gold earrings would look great but I love the small details that knot earrings would give to an outfit. These are another pair of earrings that can be worn with a variety of outfits. Pick a gold-tone that best compliments your skin tone and your other gold jewelry.

3. Silver Post Earrings:

I personally prefer to wear silver tone to gold tone jewelry, so these are perfect for everyday wear (do you see a theme here so far?). My problem with earrings is that I can never find ones that I can wear for more than a few hours without them irritating my ears. Even sterling silver earrings irritate my ears after a day of wear. I will just have to keep looking or save up for the real thing.

4. and 5. Accent Colour Earrings: one for Spring/Summer and one for Fall/Winter

Choose a pair of earrings in your favourite spring/summer and fall/winter accent colours for days when you do not want subtle earrings. I choose to show a more casual option for laid-back spring and summer and a more glammed up version that is perfect for holiday parties.

6. Small to Medium Sized (Faux) Pearls

(Faux) pearl can instantly give a more sophisticated vibe to a more simple or casual outfit. There are many options for pearls, including crystal accents, but I prefer my pearls simpler because I feel it makes faux pearls look for genuine.

7.  Statement Drop Earrings

Statement earrings are perfect for updos and for elegant, dressier events. Choose a more neutral design for maximum versatility or choose one corresponding to a certain outfit. Just remember to keep your necklace simpler or wear no necklace at all to prevent your jewelry looking too over the top.

8.  Gold Hoops

There is nothing more classic than a pair of gold hoops. They are perfect for casual days when you want to wear your hair up. They come in a variety of sizes and designs so pick a size and design within your comfort level.