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20130926 Fullview

 H&M Black and White Ruffled Sleeved Top // Black Ribbon belt from another top // dynamite White Belt (not shown) // Bluenotes Whiskered Skinny Jeggings // Payless Black Cap Toe Flats

20130926 Details

20130926 Shoes

When: September 27, 2013

Where: to class and a quick shopping spree (oops!)

Style Notes:

There are four aspects of my body that I sometimes wish were a little different:
1. How round my face is and my hooded eyes – I wish I could pull off extravagant eye makeup but it just gets hidden when I open my eyes and by my glasses.

2. My broad shoulders – while they are not overly broad, my shoulders are the widest part of my body. I tended to wear shirts that minimize the appearance of this.

3. My thighs – I am very happy with my weight (and would rather weigh more if I meant I was eating healthier) but wearing pencil skirts or bandeau dresses tends to look awkward on me if they do not hit my thighs perfectly.

4. My toes – on my mother’s side of the family, the index toe and the middle toe are both longer than the largest toe but my feet have ANOTHER difference than the average foot. My smallest toe is very short compared to all my other toes, making it almost impossible to wear open toed, peep toed, or sandals without it not looking right on my feet. For many years now I have been on the search for the perfect neutral sandals but can never find it.

This outfit not only accentuates my shoulders, it draws blaring attention to it. I bought this shirt two years ago at H&M having loved the orange striped one and thought this one would look great. This version has much larger ruffles than its orange counterpart and has made it into the donate pile several times. While unpacking a few more clothes boxes, this shirt made its way onto my floor. This morning after I decided the shirt I was going to wear was going to be donated, I picked this one off the floor.

This is the first time I have worn this shirt will a belt and I love the way it looks. I feel like it draws attention to my waist, balancing out the ruffles. Now that I have worn this shirt, I definitely plain to wear it again but I am not too sure how else I could wear it other than with coloured pants. Any suggestions?