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September Budget

Sorry for the non-center bottom row. I plan to update the graphic above once I find my two other school sweaters and the Garage top to take photographs of. My room is just a little bit of a disaster right now.

Budget-wise this was a terrible month for me. I started school at a brand new University – which means tuition fees, textbooks, and of course school spirit wear. If it was not for the $200+ dollars I spent on spirit wear this month, than I would have been much closer to my budget goal (but still far from it). I could simply take those items out of my budget because they are such an integral part of school-life but I would rather be honest with myself with the huge failure that is my budget.

My hope is to minimize shopping for the rest of the year as much as possible. I normally receive a small amount of money during the holiday season so I hope that will offset my budget a little bit so that I will have a more reasonable budget next year.

  1. Red Merona Long-Sleeved Cardigan from Target – $17.49 + tax (from $24.99)
  2. 3 x Gilligan & O’Malley Undergarments (not shown) – 3 x $1.50 + tax (from $5.00 each)
  3. Garage light blue and dark blue striped dolman sleeve top (not shown) – $26.90 + tax
  4. Old Navy The Rockstar Skinny Jeans in Twilight Lagoon – $19.00 + 10% off + tax (from 44.50)
  5. Old Navy The Rockstar Skinny Jeans in Bright Rose – $12.99 + 30% off + additional 10% off + tax (from $24.99)
  6. Old Navy ¾ Sleeve Boho Henley in Black Jack– $18.94 + 10% off + tax
  7. Old Navy Heart and Soul Graphic Sweatshirt – $15.00 + 10% off + tax (from 19.94)
  8. Old Navy The Rockstar Skinny Jeans in Dark Wash – $19.00 + 10% off + tax (from 44.50)
  9. Old Navy The Rockstar Demiboot Black Pants – $19.00 + 10% off + tax (from 44.50)
  10. Old Navy Reusable Tote Bag (not shown)- $4.50
  11.  School Cardigan – $75 – 15% off + tax
  12. School Sweater #1 (not shown) – $50 – 15% off + tax
  13. School Sweater #2 (not shown) – $64.95 – 15% off school colours + tax
  14. School Sweatpants – $45.95 – 15% off school colours + tax

1. I bought the red cardigan in order to replace an old closet staple of mine. I have been looking for the perfect red cardigan for a while now and while I enjoy the construction on this cardigan, it is not as dark a red as my old standby. I bought this at the beginning of the month and still have not worn this – FAIL!

2. Bought some new underwear at an amazing price at Target ($1.50 each). I just wish they had a larger selection in my size.

3. I bought three school sweaters and a pair of sweatpants. I am happy to say that I at least wore each of these once this month. I hope that these will last me for the next four years and that I will only need to supplement these with a t-shirt or two.

4. When Mr. BMW was down for a weekend, we explored the local mall. He ended up buying much more than I did! I left with just this shirt which is definitely a triumph for me control-wise BUT I still have not worn it yet – FAIL!

5. I was content with everything I had bought this past month and intended to not buy anything else. That was until I wanted to take an outfit photo in decent lighting – so I figured I would check out Old Navy’s sale on pants. Luckily I am in need of some more pants because I picked up four different kinds – two coloured pants (one teal and one a hot pink) and two more neutral pants (one black and one in dark denim). This is the first time I have tried on the Old Navy Rockstar Jeans and I must say I LOVE them. I definitely will be buying my jeans from now on at Old Navy but will wait for another sale (at full price $44.50 is expensive for jeans. I got three of the pants for $19 and the fourth for less than $10 on the clearance rack!).

6. The Old Navy boho-top and the Heart and Soul shirts are just two pieces that I could not put back. My early fall wardrobe is fairly limited so these pieces will work great to add warmth without me overheating.

September Total: $402.88 (Original Price: $570.27; Total Savings: $167.38)

Wow, comparing my purchases to their original prices, I definitely got a fabulous deal! Now if only I can curb my purchases for the rest of the year or until I have a cash flow to supplement m decreasing savings account.

The Plan for October: Stay away from the mall as much as possible! Also, I am participating in StyleMeOctober on Instagram and will be doing round-up posts of some sort on my blog – it is definitely helping me get daily outfit pictures so far even though they are not the best quality.

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I am linking up with Fran of Franish for Budgeting Bloggers. Did any one else have an epic fail with their budget like I did? I really should have factored Spirit Wear into my budget. I have also learned that my current favourite place to shop is Old Navy – where is yours?