1. Quo Brow Focus from Shoppers Drug Mart:

For the days that I have been wearing makeup, I have been used my Quo Brow Focus to fill them in. The powder I purchased (taupe powder) is too light for my brows but I have been mixing it with one of the matte shadows in my Urban Decay Naked Palette and it has been working great. I hope to try other brow products in the near future.

20130926 Shoes

2. Black Claire Scrunch Flat from Payless:

These are the only pair of flats that I can wear all day at school without my feet hurting. I probably wore these shoes every other day this month. Its a bonus that they go with almost everything I own. Looking online, it looks like I need to pick them up in some more colours – I love the look of the leopard print ones.

3. Tacos and Poptarts

Tacos are the perfect dinner for hungry college roommates – if you buy the right supplies you can make enough for three for under $10.

I ate so many poptarts this month that I do not want to eat one ever again BUT they are the perfect grab-and-go breakfast to my early morning classes.


4. Warrior by Zoe Archer and A Storm of Swords by George R. R. Martin

This month was the very first time I purchased a book for a book club and while I did not finish the book I still enjoyed it. As a college student, I would rather spend my free time watching shows on Netflix because I already have to read several books for school.

I read Warrior for the book club and continued in my slow quest to read all of the Song of Ice and Fire – which translates to me reading only a handful of chapters. Both books were enjoyable and I plan to finish them in the future.

5. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Game of the Thrones, Disney’s Planes, Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, and Lee Daniel’s the Butler

September was a month of binge watching TV shows while doing homework and of going out to the movies for the sake of eating movie popcorn. All three movies that I  saw were better than I expected and my favourite was the Butler. I finally finished Game of Thrones Season 3 and was traumatized by the wedding. Lastly, do not ask about My Little Pony…