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Black Feather Sheer Back Top from Garage // Black Half Sleeve Open Cardigan from Fairweather // Old Navy The Rockstar Demiboot Pants // Black Cap Toe Flats

When: October 5, 2013 (Day #5 All Black Like a Spy)

Where: dinner with Mr. BMW

Style Notes:

Believe it or not, when I was in late elementary school, I loved wearing all black. My style has definitely evolved since then because I now prefer neutrals mixed with pops of colour. Most people wore black dresses for this challenge but Crabby Joe’s is much more casual than that. So instead I chose to style my outfit around this gorgeous shirt that hardly gets any wear – which has to change immediately!

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Red Chiffon Shirt from Garage // Red, Grey, and Black Striped Sweater from Smart Set // Old Navy The Rockstar Demiboot Pants

When: October 6, 2013 (Day #6 Bold Kissable Lips)

Where: lunch with Mr. BMW’s family and a homework day

Style Notes:

I very rarely wear anything but lip balm on my lips because I find lipstick and lipgloss to be frivolous and fussy to reapply throughout the day. The combination of a subtle pink lipstick topped with a clear lip gloss is my go to look for more dressy events.

I have seen collared shirts layered under sweaters all over Pinterest and I love it! I can never get them to look quite right because they turn out lumpy and most of my sweaters do not have a neckline compatible with this. You can definitely expect to see me rocking a similar look for the rest of the fall.