Black and white striped tee from Garage // Black cardigan from Ricki’s // Burgundy Pants with Faux Leather Trim from Sirens // Purple Beads were a gift // White Faux Pearls with Heart Chain from Icings or Claires // Black cap toe flats (not shown) from Payless

When: October 7, 2013 (Day #7 Layered Jewelry)

Where: all day lectures

Style Notes:

When I moved into my townhouse, I packed up all my necklaces and put them in a bottom of a large plastic tote. As of yet, I still have yet to locate which tote that is in and it is possible tat box is still at my parents house. So, I did the best that I could and layered the jewelry I did have – bracelets!

I very rarely wear bracelets because I find them too fussy especially when writing. I hope to remedy this is in the future and to add more colourful bracelets to my jewelry collection.