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Ardene’s Sweater Dress // Old Navy Coral Rockstar Pants // White Necklace with Charm // Slip On Converse

When: October 9, 2013 (#StyleMeOctober Day 9)

Where: A long day of lectures

Style Notes:

Believe it or not, this entire outfit cost me no more than $40 out of my pocket and everything was purchased new! The sweater dress was bought this past summer for $12.50 (70% off the original price), the coral/pink pants were bought a Old Navy last month for an extra 30% off of their clearance price making them less than $10. The necklace was also bought on clearance for $1.50 and the Converse were bought at a store closing for $15. Now if only my entire wardrobe could be this affordable.

I am still getting used to my bright pink pants and feel like I stick out like a sore thumb whenever I wear them. I am definitely glad I decided to buy them though because they make remixing my wardrobe more interesting than with my boring denim jeans.