I am not the first person to admit that I have too many clothes – in fact my mother has been pestering me for years that I need to stop buying clothes. But do I listen? Of course not.

So in an attempt to help pare down my wardrobe further to only the pieces I love, this month (November) I vow that if I want to keep a pair of pants (fall pants – all my summery pants are packed away) they must each be worn a minimum of 3 times. Since I almost exclusively wear pants during the fall and winter – I should have a maximum of 10 pants and a handful of sweatpants remaining by the end of the month.

BUT I do have the right to veto up to 3 pairs of pants for sentimental reasons or out of necessity (i.e. I rarely wear any dress pants but I need them when business-casual occasions such as interviews come up).

At the end of the month I will update you on the pieces that did not make the cut and why.