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I have already gone insanely over my budget for the year but I had a $30 Old Navy Supercash off of a purchase of $75 and I could not pass it up! My original plan was to buy a few things for myself and use the rest of the $75 to buy Christmas gifts. Instead Mr. BMW found two pairs of sweatpants that he really liked and I got a few pieces for an amazing deal.

All of these are pretty great basics so hopefully they will get a lot of wear – then again my whole wardrobe is essentially basics. But after completing #StyleMeOctober, I feel like I know my style and the pieces that works for me much better. So hopefully I will be able to start paring my wardrobe down to only my personal favourites and essentials but that will be at least a few months down the road.


1. 2. & 3. Old Navy Long Sleeve Ruffle Henley in Black Dots, Robbie Red, and Blue Stripe – ($6.00 each (originally $14.50 each) = $18.00 + tax)
These three were a great purchase at only $6 each plus tax! Unfortunately the first time I wore the white with black dots one I dripped a fudge popsicle on it in a place that is not easy to hide with a scarf. Luckily the spot should be easy to hide under a cardigan. I have not washed it yet so maybe the stain will come out! I still have not worn the red or blue striped shirt yet.

4. School Spirit Wear Sweater – $50.00

I could not help but buy another school spirit sweater – the fact that our mascot (a gryphon) was on the hood is what sold me on it! Also this is the perfect school sweater.

5. Old Navy Printed Chiffon in Warm Combo – ($32.94 – $30.00 Old Navy Supercash = $2.94 + tax)

I could not put this shirt back. I passed it twice and Mr. BMW hated it in on the rack but I knew I had to try it on. And I am really glad I did – this is the perfect autumn-inspired top and I plan to wear it in a lot of different outfits. In fact I wore it the day after I bought it!

6. Old Navy Boho White Tee – ($7.97 (originally $18.94) plus tax)

I have had a white, casual blouse on my shopping list for months and I finally found one for a really great price.  I could not pass this up when I tried it on – it looked wonderful and I can not wait until the spring to wear this!

7. Old Navy Crepe-Pocket Tank in Goodnight Nora – ($6.97 (originally $21.94) + tax)

I really did not need to add another tank top to my collection but I could not resist. This is the perfect neutral blouse that can be worn with everything. If this sees a lot of wear then I might add a similar tank in white and/or black.

October Total: $90. 54 (Original Price: $182.57; Total Savings: $92.03 )

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As always I am linking up with Franish for Budgeting Bloggers. I am making no goal for November because I know that I will have very little shopping time this month with final assignments and participating in NaNoWriMo. Who am I kidding – I will probably end up buying something!