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I absolutely love the fall – back to school, the hot summers are cooling down, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and fall fashion! I love everything about the fall except late fall when it feels more like winter than fall…

Today I am doing the Sweater Weather tag. I have seen this all over Youtube and I thought it would be the perfect, quick post for a sunny but cold Thursday.

Favourite candle scent?

I have never been big on lighting candles. I was never allowed them in my room when I was younger and in college I was not allowed them in my dorm room. Now that I am in my own place, I just do not have the money to buy pretty candles. I have started using wax melts but I find that the ones I have tried are not strong enough to notice them. Hopefully I will be able to melt more now that finals are coming up and I will be spending most of my day in my room.

Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate?

Definitely hot chocolate! I drink one almost every Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays after my biology class. The only drink with caffeine in it that I can stand are iced cappuccinos.

Do you switch up your makeup routine for the season?

To be honest, I hardly change up my makeup routine other than wearing lighter weight foundation in the summer than in winter. And to be even more honest, in University I value sleep over waking up earlier to put on makeup. These days I only put on makeup when I am visiting home or am going out for the day.

Favourite Thanksgiving food?

Mashed potatoes without skins, turkey, pumpkin pie, and Yorkshire puddings.  

Hats or Scarves?

Scarves! I only ever wear a hat to protect against the cold weather whereas I have endless numbers of scarves. I find that scarves are far more versatile and they do not ruin your hair and you do not have to remove them indoors!

 Most worn sweater?

Currently I do not have a most worn sweater. I have plenty of sweaters and I try my best to rotate through them since they only can be worn for a few short months every year. This fall I bought several new sweaters and school spirit hoodies. My favourite knit sweaters are from Old Navy and American Eagle Outfitters and my favourite hoodies are bought from my local bookstore!

 Must have Fall nail polish?

I do not paint my nails. I never learned how to paint my nails neatly when I was younger and in college I was not allowed to wear nail polish in labs (it would contaminate samples). The very few times a year that I do paint my nails, I normally take the polish off by the next day.

Football games or jumping in a pile of leave?

When I was younger, I loved jumping in leaves but I do not anymore sadly. I have never been a football fan.

 Skinny jeans or leggings?

I would definitely say skinny jeans. I do not have a lot of fall or winter tops long enough to cover my butt. Not to mention I find it far too cold to wear leggings in the fall. I wear leggings more often in the summer when it is too hot for jeans.

Boots or Uggs?

Definitely boots! Back when Uggs became popular in my hometown, I had a pair of Ugg-knockoffs and they got destroyed by the salt. I find them not only not very fashionable but also they were not as warm as a pair of sturdy winter boots.

 What is your #1 favourite thing about Fall?

Fall fashion! I am definitely a shopaholic and I always stock up on clothes in the fall. Even though I have more time to shop during the summer, summer clothes in my mind are flats, shorts and short sleeve or sleeveless tops. Whereas in the fall there are countless of sleeved shirts, sweaters, cardigans, boots, and brand new jeans (every fall I replenish my jean collection since I wear them almost 75% of the time).

Do you have a song that gets you in a fall mood or just a song you’re loving at the moment?

I do not have specific fall songs whereas I have a lot of summer or winter songs that I listen to every year. Some of my favourites right now are: Hey Brother by Avicii, That’s My Kind of Night by Luke Bryan, and Take the Week Off by Deric Rutton.

What is the Fall weather like where you currently live?

Early fall tends to be hot but mid to late fall can be very cold. We have already seen snow in my current town and my hometown has snow on the ground. The leaves have changed and fallen in October and every day I have to wear a coat, hat, and scarf or spend the day wishing I had.