2014 Resolutions

Fashion, Beauty, and Hair:

1. Participate in 3 fashion challenges: 1. MoMoMod January’s Fashion Challenge

2. Post 52 Outfit of the Days: 6 (as of January 13)

3. Develop 5 go to makeup looks using products that can easily fit into my snake-print makeup bag.

4. Learn how to curl my hair.

Family, Friends, and Love:

5. Visit my parents twice in Mexico.

6. Have 6 dates with Mr. BMW that are not “dinner or movies at theater”.

School and Geekery:

7. Get over 65% in all my classes second semester and 68% in all my third classes third semester.

8. Finish all the Supernatural seasons on Netflix (up to the end of Season 8). (95 / 172)

9. Listen to 14 audiobooks. (1. Green Rider, 2. The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms)

10. Read 4 books (either paperbound books or ebooks).

11. Develop a class notes and study notes system/routine that is more effective by the end of the second semester.


12. Minimize my belongings (including clothes) so that I can live more simply (throw out 100+ unnecessary items). (5 /101 as of January 11)


13. Drink more water and less soft drinks (only 3 soft drinks per week).

14. Add more fitness to my daily routine (i.e. park further away to walk further to class, daily stretching, etc.)


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