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Maroon and Navy Striped Tee from Smart Set / The Rockstar Super Skinny Jeans from Old Navy / Steve Madden Cognac Boots / Music “Boyfriend/Girlfriend” Necklace from Mr. BMW last Christmas

Based on the quality of these photographs, I either need to practice more with how I aesthetically placed my clothing for pictures or I need to find a better way of taking my pictures other than bringing my full length mirror out into the hallway when everyone else is sleeping or busy doing other things.

Also, I really need to put the camera to use that Mr. BMW bought me in October for our anniversary. The problem is I like the easy of using a camera, especially for Instagram Challenges like this one from More Modern Modesty. And since I intend to participate in several challenges like these throughout the year (they really help me to get the most out of pieces in my closet that rarely get worn AND ensure I get some sort of outfit picture together), I might want to invest in a tripod and make an area in my room that I will consistently keep clean for photos.

I really prefer to see the pictures of the clothing on myself because I get a better idea of how the proportions looked on my body and whether or not they were a great outfit. It will definitely something that I will keep experimenting with.