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Wet Seal White, Red, Black Sweater Vest / Red Ruffle Henley from Old Navy / Seatbelt Belt from ? / not shown: Old Navy Rockstar Skinny Jeans

After taking two days off of the MoMoMod Fashion Challenge (Day 8 was Black Skirt and Day 9 was Tights) because it was just too cold for those pieces, I wore this for my ride back to my hometown. I spent the weekend filled with lots of events for my parents who are moving to another country in the next few days, but I will talk more about what we did in the next two outfit posts.

One of my favourite colours is red. For a year or so, I wore red almost everyday since most of my favourite pieces at that time were red. Since then I have definitely branched out in colour schemes and have included more purple, navy, and coral into my wardrobe. Even with more colour variety in my wardrobe, red is still my go-to colour for the winter because it fits almost every winter holiday while still being bright and cheerful.